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Flyers are undoubtedly one of the most versatile, effective as well as affordable marketing tools. Since years businesses has been using this form of marketing for promoting their products, services as well as special offers.

If you think that flyers marketing is almost dead, you are absolutely wrong. Even with the popularity of digital marketing, flyer marketing is not dead. Flyers can still help you increase sales. They can still do wonders for your business if you get them right. With these easy-to-design, lightweight, & affordable items, you will be easily able to grab the attention of your potential customers as well as send out the right message about your business.

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  • Target your audience

  • Be as creative as you want

  • Tangible

  • Incentive

  • Measurable

  • Cost-effective

  • Versatile

  • Flyers make it easy

  • Distribution

  • Create marketing opportunities

Why Flyers Still Important

As long as paper is still being used, leaflets will never become obsolete and are still an effective marketing tool.

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We take website design very seriously. We develop unique websites that reflect your brand and impacts the impressions
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It’s a great experience to be working on our website projects with Yez Design. They were very professional, time-efficient and helpful throughout the development of our websites. Their services are highly recommended. Thank you.

Kubikt App

Yez Design never disappoint me with their quality of work given. They produce work in progress card to customers so schedule and update can be informed real time. All the best to you, Kenny

Cahayaku Manja

Looking at how things work and limited functionality of Wix, we decided we need to hire a real web developer. We engaged Yez Design and they delivered within 2 weeks. The website also optimized for speed and SEO. Thanks so much

Ablscb Logistics

Yez Design is highly recommended as not only it provided professional services in timely manner (around the clock) but constantly provide feedback and idea on how to improve / deliver our content in effective manner.

Pipal Transport

Yez Design is responsive to any of our changes and timeline throughout the entire process of revamping of the website. They provide effective and efficiency in delivering their work.


We wanted to build a website. Yez Design delivered it so well. There were detailed and listened to our requirements and worries. We would definitely do business again with Yez Design.

Tatsumori Malaysia

Why Choose Us

We offer affordable price in web design, digital marketing and other general graphic designs. Our mission is to be among the top web design company in Malaysia with all in one internet marketing services.


Why Your Small Business Needs A Website Now

According to recent market research, a majority of respondents reported going online to find products and services from small businesses, and only 8.4 percent said they found new places to shop by walking into brick-and-mortar stores.

As the owner of a small business, you understand the importance of new customers and the sales that they bring. A website is an important way for a small business to gain new customers.

One of the biggest reasons you should consider creating a website for your business is the fact that your competition probably already has a website. This gives them a bigger advantage over your small business.

Most potential customers will choose the company with a website to do business with.

Owning a small business is costly, so you may be thinking about cutting costs down as much as you possibly can to keep things affordable. A website is not something that should be skilled though because it will end up making you more profit by drawing in more customers. One of the main reasons that a website for your small business is important is because you want to build your brand as well as your businesses’ credibility.

If you do not spend time building your brand, no one will know what your business is and what your business can do for them. Brand building can be done successfully by creating a really good website.

The present day is all about smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. Every day, people are using their mobile devices to browse the web, play games, and communicate with others. Because of this, your small business would really benefit from having a website. When most people are looking up services or businesses in their area, they are more than likely going to be looking for a website to click on. A website will tell them all the information they need to know instead of having to actually call the business to find out.

Having a website for your customers saves them time. They will be able to quickly go to your businesses’ website and find the hours, services, contact information, and anything else they might need.

It is important that the word gets out about how great your small business is. There are many ways that this can effectively be done, but one of the best ways to spread the word is by creating a website for your business. A website will not only reach out to your local customers, but potential customers in other areas. With the use of social networking and search engine optimization it will be easier and more effective to advertise your businesses’ website.

There is a good chance that everyone you know uses social networking in some way. Whether they have a Facebook account, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, or something else, everyone is using social networking for different purposes. When your business has a website, it is very easy and effective to spread the word about your business on social networking websites.

Small businesses typically have a challenge in trying to stand apart from other businesses. Social networking is a very cost effective way to set your business apart from your competitors.

For a small business, having a website can be beneficial for lead generation (getting new customers or clients). Getting leads is what allows a small business to gain information about potential customers. There is a variety of different methods small business owners can use to generate leads without having to pay anything. One of the most effective ways is the use of search engine optimization (SEO). This method increases the amount of organic leads that come from web searches that have been performed.

Another effective way of lead generation is social networking. Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have been proven to be extremely effective in generating leads.

A third method is providing opt-in-forms and collecting email addresses to keep in contact with your clients or customers. An email list is one of the most important steps to include in your web site.

Having a website for your small business is a really great way to build stronger relationships with customers or clients you already have. It offers a way for your customers and clients to be able to interact with your business without actually needing to be in your business. Customers who feel close to the business owners and know the business owners are friendly and helpful are more likely to spread the word about the business to everyone they know. A website makes it really easy for your loyal customers to point everyone they know in the direction of your website so that can learn more about your small business.

When your small business has a website, this means you can spend less money on other forms of advertising and put more time and effort into using the website to your advantage. Customers and clients like being able to go to a website to learn more about a business. The majority of customer and clients would much rather have the options to interact with a small businesses’ website rather than receive an advertisement in the mail or a sales phone call or another form of advertising.

If a friend or family member of one of your loyal customers hears about a good experience from your business, one of the first things they are going to want to do is look your business up online. If your business does not have a website, these people might end up using your competitor’s services instead.

Another way that your website can help to influence customer’s purchasing decisions is by compiling a list of positive customer reviews and put them on a designated section of your website. This makes it easier for potential customers to see what other people have to say about your services and learn more about your business all in the same place.

Since the majority of businesses already have a website, chances are, your competitor has a website. If you do not have a website, this gives your competitor a bigger advantage over your business. Potential customers and clients are more likely to choose a business that does have a website instead of one that doesn’t.

If your competitor does not have a website and your business does, then your business has a much bigger advantage over your competition. People will be more likely to choose your business over a business that does not have a website.

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