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Why We Need Website

“In the information age, build a website before you build a workplace.” And a website is an ‘always open’ workplace of your business.”

I believe, even with all that you can do on social media, and even if you’ve been in business for several decades, your business still needs a website and preferably one that is professionally designed and developed for your business grow. Here are 9 compelling reasons why your business NEEDS a professional website, CLICK EACH FOR READ MORE

If this were the only reason on the list, it would be enough. Six out of ten consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property, and more than half head straight to the brand’s website for product information.

Ninety percent of consumers claim that online reviews influence their buying decisions. Since potential buyers are already looking for you online, including customer testimonials on your site is a great way to impress potential buyers

It’s true that you cannot control what others say about you on Facebook, but you can influence public perception by creating your own story via a business website. Plus, social icons linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking platforms make sharing your content easier for your visitors who like what they see

You position your company to reach thousands more potential customers for less than you would spend mailing ten brochures by traditional mail

Studies show that once a consumer has an idea of what they need or want, they start researching, and 72 percent of them go online to find product & services, reviews, and testimonials, according to a recent report. So if you’re not staying competitive with your competition, you’re giving shoppers a reason to buy from another brand

Nobody wants to work at 3 a.m., but some people like to shop then. Having a business website or ecommerce store means that you can sell products all the time — not simply between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m

According Google research, 81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords, like “website design in ipoh”. If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero

Not only can you display your products or outline your services in detail with beautiful images, but you can provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give hesitant customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase.

If you’re still not convinced why your business needs a professional website, check out this article on Forbes.com or get in touch with me. I’d be happy to help you with any concerns.

How Website Benefit Us

A quality website is important for a business. Why? People search the internet for businesses, products, services and so on

There are many reasons why you should have a website for your company or business. Website allowing us to access multiple resources and learn about other companies with ease. Here are some 10 Benefits of having a good website:

Having a website is a guarantee that your business will be reachable to thousands and millions, spread across the world. www means world wide web so if you have a website your business will have a global reach.

A website gives you the opportunity to tell potential customers what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence. In fact, many people use the internet for pre-purchase research so that they can determine for themselves whether a particular supplier or brand is worthy as per their views.

The Internet has allowed businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible, virtually, from any country in the world by a potential customer that has Internet access. You can trade globally from anywhere to anywhere at any time.

Tell your customers to visit your website for information they are looking for. You can promote it by using various modes of advertising both paid v/s organic promotions; it depends upon the type of products and services you are providing.

The Internet is extremely different from print advertising in that space is cheap, your advertisement is accessible for a longer period of time, the content can be changed and you can potentially reach a wider audience.

A website serves as a great place to refer potential investors to, to show them what your company is about, what it has achieved, what it can achieve in future, how you are working and you can share your complete business details and get searched.

Having a website is also a form of advertisement. Everyone you meet, definitely ask you, are you having any website or email, having an email id with your name and business name domain, create words of mouth publicity.

Your website can add value in other ways too, by featuring tips, advice and general interest content you can entertain your customers. This will also help them remember you better. Make your website template different from others and use eye catching images and quality of content.

A website helps you be found on all search rankings, a website increases your increase business via SEO & SMO both. E.g. if anybody is not having your contact no. they can find you and get your contact from your website.

Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product and/or marketing approach. You can use features on your website such as visitor polls, online surveys and your website statistics to find out what your customers like more and how they feel about certain aspects of your business to determine how you can improve your product and the way you do business.

It’s time for you to make this communication tool to promote your company. A website can reach to millions of desks and can help an entrepreneur to become successful with its product and services.

6 Popular Types Of Websites

We build functional and user-friendly websites for your brand so that you can better engage with your customers to build lasting relationships. We also have a team you can trust who build professional and affordable websites.

Our Portfolio

We take website design very seriously. We develop unique websites that reflect your brand and impacts the impressions
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Frequently Asked Questions

We crafted this FAQ page to answer many of the frequently asked questions we were asked along the way.

Once you provide us with enough content for your website, we typically have the first mock-up to you within 7 working days. We’ve been able to complete projects in as little as 20 working days, but typically websites are finished within 30 working days.

No. All of our work is performed by our in-house team based in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Yep! We’re great at communicating via phone and email and our clients come from all over the Malaysia and worldwide.

No. We can get started by using placeholder content while you work towards completing your content. We’ll even provide you with a content outline to follow to make things easier. This gives you guidance on the type of text and images that would perform best on your website.

Absolutely! Bug fixes are included with each of our website packages. We’ll keep your website running in the same condition it was as the day it launched.

Yes. Many design companies won’t mention recurring costs before starting your project. At a minimum, you’ll need annual web hosting and an annual domain name registration. Our website packages are a single-rate solution which include first year hosting, domain name registration. Yearly Renewal is about RM600 to RM800 per year depends your domain name and hosting package you sign up.

As long as you’re on a monthly plan with us, there is no charge for technical support.

We try our best to respond to all emails within 4 to 8 working hours. If it’s outside of our normal business hours, leave a message and we’ll be notified immediately and we’ll return your call.

For all website package, 50% of the estimated fee must be provided prior to beginning work, with the remaining payment due upon completion or live of the project.

Yes. We design websites from the ground up so that they work well with search engines like Google. We ensure each page is optimized for the keywords that you want to promote. We register your website and add monitoring tools (Google Analytics) so that you can view detailed statistics on the visitors to your site.

Website vs. Facebook

For most media companies, a website and Facebook have specific roles, and both are important in building your brand. Consider your individual goals to determine if your website or Facebook is better to reach your audience.
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Why Choose Us

Boost Your Sales & Expand Your Business. We provide professional web development services in Ipoh Malaysia & Worldwide.
When it comes to creating websites that work, we really know our stuff. We’ve helped thousands of businesses to bring their ideas to life over the years – see for yourself how our websites have made a difference.
Our website is about your business, not ours. One of our local consultants will meet with you to learn about your business, and the sort of website you need. Then they’ll help you pick the right website package to get great results.
No jargon. No hidden costs. Just brilliant websites that are easy to edit, look great on any device, rank well on Google, and are built for success.
We believe professional doesn’t have to mean expensive. We’re all about creating high quality websites that every business can afford. Our payment plans mean you benefit from a professionally designed site and easy cash flow management.
A great website can only become greater. This is why our team of experts are always working on new developments and features. As a customer, you’ll automatically benefit – so your website will never go out of date.
With a network of local website consultants based throughout the Ipoh Malaysia, we’re right on your doorstep. From the first point of contact onwards, we remain on hand to help – even after your site has gone live.
Our responsive web design ensures that your website to be displayed perfectly on various devices.
SEO is the efforts and good practice of improving and promoting your website so that your website will get high rank on google search engine
Every customer is different so we guarantee a website’s design that are ideally suited to your wishes.
All our design are made with expandability in mind. We realize in the modern market the need for quick changes and adaptability is vital. We are always ready to make fast and effective changes and additions that meet your needs.
Your website is important and reliable web hosting protects your investment. We give every effort to ensure your web site remains active 24/7, 356 days a year.
Your website is important to us and we assure you that we completely understand your needs. We guarantee a fast and effective response to your requests.

What Element Should Your Website Have?

This is a very common question online entrepreneurs and small business owners ask when they are looking to develop a website. Here we list the most important and must-have pages your small business company website should have.

The purpose of your website header is to promote your brand and make your site instantly recognizable to those who are already familiar with you. For many businesses, the header is the perfect place to efficiently and effectively convey exactly what your site is about and what your business does.

This element should give a brief summary of who you are, your company history and what isolates you from the competition. Also, visitors want to learn a bit more about who the people are behind the company

Your services page is the whole reason someone came to your site in the first place to see if you provide what they need. So don’t leave them hanging. Give detailed descriptions of what you do and how you do it. It’s the best sales copy you can write.

The FAQ page is your space to answer the most frequent questions you are asked. Provide honest answers for each one. Your answers should be a call to action, and persuade a potential customer to take the next step and buy whatever you’re selling.

This is your chance to show off positive reviews your company has received. Anyone can write a review, but those with photos of real people that can be traced to an actual source credibility and establishes trust.

Your contact page show potential customers all the ways they can get in touch with you. It is also important to have your phone number, email address and physical mailing address on the footer throughout all of your website pages, where possible.

Your website should carry a copyright notice to protect its intellectual property. It is generally in the form of “Copyright © 2013, Your Company Name”.

This is where you can address the media. Here, you should post links to articles written about your business, press releases, advertisements, videos featured on other platforms, and any other recognizable commercial accomplishments.

Show how your products or services are being used by your customers. They say “pictures speak a thousand words” and on your website it is particularly important.

Whenever possible include the price of your products/services. Even if you can’t be specific. It is helpful to put at least a range of prices, eg. Carpet cleaning ranges between $40 – $60 per room.

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